Design Portfolio

Ah, the portfolio. Most of the work I have done personally is still a work in progress (as is this website from it's basic Ghost theme). However, I have linked to many completed works and InDesign projects. Please excuse my lack of photos, as I would prefer for you to enjoy these projects in their full glory.

Print Design

Keeping it simple, here are two projects I have created in InDesign. One is a business plan to bring back student radio at UNC, and the other is an issue from The Mirror student newspaper. I have not had the opportunity to work in InDesign professionally.

Student radio business plan

Given the opportunity, I would have loved to work longer on the business plan design, but I think the final result is a good trade-off on time and happiness - it also got the job done.

Check out the student radio business plan »

This is the last issue of The Mirror where I was the production manager. I designed the (almost too simple) Denver College of Nursing ad, as well as the Natural Nails ad to match their current website. Each section editor receives their pages to work on, adding content around ads. Once they added stories and photos, I went back through to polish everything up before sending to press.

Read the December issue of The Mirror »

Web Design

Check out the work I have done on the web. I prefer to use ZURB's Foundation framework, and am lucky to be using the same at UNC.

UNITE Fiber - homepage

Just a page for a fictitious company that offers the best internet service in Greeley. This site, while incomplete in some areas, uses marketing automation software and is configured to send customized postcards and freshly-designed emails to prospectives. The header illustrations on the For Home and For Work pages change based on the time of day.

This website always has me thinking and I use it as a playground to experiment with new designs and features.

"Sign up" for the best internet service around »

UNC - Homepage elements

There are a few places on UNC's homepage that I have designed: the "Explore our academic options by category" and "Why students choose UNC" sections.

Check out UNC's homepage »

UNC - Maybe You're One Of Us

One of UNC's newest campaigns, Maybe You're One Of Us, was created by the Portland-based ad agency Elevator and was built using their design guidelines. The background image on this page is my all-time favorite UNC image. Look at the little dog hopping along!

View the Maybe You're One Of Us landing page »


Acting as a "hype" page, the ROAR landing page was an opportunity to experiment with full-screen blocks. Be sure to compare this page on mobile! 😉

View the ROAR landing page »

UNC/Greeley Chamber of Commerce - Bear Biz

In an effort to streamline operations, UNC agreed to maintain the Bear Biz directory - partnerships with local businesses that offer discounts to UNC students - for the Greeley Chamber of Commerce. This page features a sortable directory listing and displays businesses on a map integrating with the Mapbox API and includes custom XSL.

View the Bear Biz directory »

UNC - Other Noteworthy Mentions

I worked on A LOT of pages at UNC, and these are a few additional ones to note.

The "Just For" trilogy

UNC has pages for Current Students, Parents and Faculty and Staff. Their information caters specifically to these groups and offers quick links to common resources.

Student Experience and Support

These were two pages that just needed to be converted to the new UNC style when they were transitioning pages to the CMS. The Student Experience page has some nifty backgrounds, and the Student Support page features some neat diagonally-skewed rows.